Vnlla Survival Build Contest Information

Every now and again we will run specialized Build Contests on the server. Whenever we do run them, you can find all of the relevant information for them on the Forums.

With that said, there are normally some common threads throughout each Build Contest.

  1. All Build Contest Entries must be posted on the Forums under the specific Forum Topic in the General Section for that respective Build Contest.
  2. You MUST provide your current IGN in your Forum Post.
  3. You MUST either provide photographs in that Forum Thread or via a 3rd party website, such as Imgur or Lightshot.
  4. You MUST post your photographs of your build within the alloted time window of the Build Contest.
  5. NOTE: Late entries WILL NOT be accepted into the Build Contest!

  6. You MUST follow the relevant Guidelines to the Build Contest posted either on this webpage, which will be update while a Build Contest is ongoing or on the corresponding Forum Post.
  7. NOTE: Any entry that does not follow these Guidelines will not be accepted as apart of the Competition!

There are also rewards for Build Contest Winners. Generally, we try to keep the rewards the same, but depending on the Contest, they have been known to change from time to time. The rewards below WILL be updated on here during a Build Contest.

Build Contest Rewards:
#1Your Build Contest Entry will have a photograph posted on the main page of
#2You will have an armor stand with your head and any armor & any item in your hand you desire placed in the Spawn Building
#3You will have a banner of your choosing placed above your armor stand in the Spawn Building.
#4You will receive a certain number of Levels, the amount is generally decided when the rules of the Build Contest are posted.